How to clean figure?

I don’t have proper figure shelf yet. I would like to buy one, but I don’t have room for it and I didn’t find the perfect one yet. My figures are in their boxes or in front of my mangas, on my book shelf. The dust fly all over, I’m sewing, making things, living in the city centre, where are a lot of cars, so I should and I need to clean everything once a week.
I’m quite active on MFC and I follow the picture thread, because I like how other people makes photos of their waifu (figures) ^^ But sometimes I see that they don’t wipe the cutie, and since the camera can make high resolution pictures, I can see every dust and dirt on it. My opinion is, that it’s quite disgusting. On one hand, I’m not curious others dirt. On the other hand this mess pictures up.

So, here’s my tutorial-like thing, to encourage collectors cleaning and not scaring. I know what it means when your expensive and favourite figure break or lost some part of it.

First of all, try to take apart. If is a one piece pvc figure, then obviously you can’t, but be careful with the protruding, small parts.
Put the plug into the sink and fill it with water. You can add some soap, but water is enough also.


Wash it with your hand. Water will do the cleaning. If you have bigger dirt on it, try to use soft bristled nail brush, but only on bigger part and use it softly.

IMG_20140901_111544You can see on the black hat the dust. I really dont like when my Princess looks like so.

IMG_20140901_104345Last: don’t forget to wipe it with towels! Because of scale there can remain waterdrops!


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