Hi there!
This post is for me and maybe for you if you interested in my interest. Since I fell in love with japanese culture and the whole anime-manga world, I like to collect things. I feel happiness when I own cuties like figures, artbooks, mangas, cute stationary and so. Sometimes, because I collect and like so many things, my family don’t know what to buy or make me for christmas, birthday, but it’s so easy I think, I like EVERYTHING! :3

The numbers of this wishlist isn’t in order, just how they come up in my mind. And my lolita fashion wishlist will be in an another post.

1. Homura necklace (starlight deco dream)

2. Sailor Moon brooch necklace (Kumacrafts)
I still couldn’t choose only one. There are 2-3 favourites!


3. Artbooks
Here I have some on my wishlist, but I won’t put on the doujins because I would buy one when I can find which I love.
Lily Hoshino Mawaru Penguindrum artbook


Sakizo Artbooks
I prefer Afternoon Teatime and Ice Cream Show Case, but I also like Romantic Jewels and the dessert ones (Delicious Girl, Girl meets Sweets). I hope I can get one of them soon!

sakizoicecream sakizomeetsweets Sakizouromanticjewels


4. Nemuneko plushie
To have a travel size cat-pillow =^^=


5. Rilakkuma
Now Nonbiri Neko is my favourite collection but the pure Rilakkuma is also purrfect. I would like to have mug, soap bottle, memo pads, stickers, I don’t mind, I’m happy with this bear whatever it is.


I also like Sumikkogurashi (things in the corner) and Hello Kitty and almost all of the Sanrio and San-X characters. Almost. :3


6. Anime figures
Link to my MyFigureCollection list is HERE. There are my wished figures. Maybe it can change, but I would never refuse a Sailor Moon nendoroid or a Puella Magi one.


Hm I think that’s all. These are my big wishes, maybe I will rewrite it later. ~


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