New Year, new resolves, new design

tea2I’m not really a good writer and I don’t have routine also, but won’t give up and tadaaa~ Here’s 2015! A lot of things happened me in the last year, I finished the first year at the university, I visited England, London, my summer was incredible, I was at Lake Balaton and in Vienna, me and my friends made a lot of things, I was able to eat a lot. Recently Budapest is evolving and we have tons of freaking good restaurants and street food places. You can eat whatever you want, Japanese, American, Hungarian, Indian, Turkish…
Of course, there was some negative things in my life, but I think I’m okay for now and I’m headed into new journeys, I have new plans, ideas in my mind. It’s okay to be tired, it’s okay to loose, everybody needs a little rest. That’s how we can continue our life. 🙂 New year, new me. It sounds a bit silly and boring, but I was thinking dark, I used to think to death and, you know, that’s just not me. I’m not that all-black person. I’m enthusiasic and colorful, loud and smiling.

That’s why I’m reorganising my online stuff, my pictures, my facebook, everything. I also wanted to write my new years resolution, let’s go for it:

  • I want to be healty & want to do more sports. I gained weight and I need my slimmer form :3
  • Want to wear lolita fashion at least once in every month & take pictures of it
  • Want to be more successful at uni
  • Want to write an article here, in every month (not just about lolita fashion)
  • I want to get a job which I like and where the mates are kind, nice
  • I want to be more with my friends
  • I want to make high quality cosplays & go to EuroCosplay
  • Want to take a lot of pictures of my cosplays
  • I must clean my computer and organise everything because ‘Downloads’ isn’t the best folder 😀
  • I want to buy a shelf for my figures
  • Sell everything that I don’t need anymore
  • Trying couch surfing
  • Learn new things like how to deal with people, how to become more like an adult and so~
  • Fulfill at least 5 from above!

I don’t know what will bring for me 2015, it’s the future and I’m so excited!
I wish you a Happy New Year and hope all of your dreams will come true!