Cute nail trends for spring/summer 2015

I was searching for new designs for my nails on the Internet, because I was really bored by the average pink color. Fortunately I found a lot of article and I tought it would be helpful and nice to collect them here.

This year’s spring and summer is all about pastel colours again. So don’t hesitate to make your pretty hand or feet into an ice cream or a flower bouquet. You can use all the colors you love: there isn’t any rules.
Primarily I searched designs which are good to lolita fashion, cultparty kei, fairy kei and other cute styles from the kawaii subculture. It doesn’t matter that you are lazy or you love to make tiny flower pattern, you definitely will find your favourite one!
Which one is your favourite? Have you your own style? Show us and help others to try it!

delicate-nail-art-2  SILVER-AND-GREY-NAILSOPI_CharlotteRonson_SS15_300dpi-1

nail_3_040 nail_0523_d05 nail0513_item_05nail_0526_d07 nail_0527_d0 nail_0527_d12 nail0509_item_05

– OPI trend
– google helped me


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