2016 Lolita Wishlist

Since last year happened a lot and it’s almost February (we are in the middle, omg time flies fast) I decided to start with a new wishlist, just to update myself and my blog with my ideas. I got the first item from my last year’s wishlist and I also bought some other items which are beautiful and great and of course wasn’t on my list, but I don’t mind. Actually I’m planning some photoshoots and after them I will sell some of them (maybe most of them) because being a lonely and only lolita in Hungary is quite boring. It doesn’t mean that I will quit. My heart is always a frilly princess, I won’t give up, but I don’t need such a big wardrobe anymore.

After I realized that I have too many classic pieces in my wardrobe I want to buy this year some cute dresses and not buying more classic items anymore, however I really love Krad Lanrete’s Constellation jsk and gothic pieces too. I don’t have enough blouses for them to coordinate with, I need a new brown wig (and pastels maybe), a new petticoat, sooo I really need to sell what I don’t use anymore and buy some essential items. The hardest part is, that I love the 3 main style (classic, sweet, gothic) and it depends on my mood which one I want to wear.

One thing is clear to me: I don’t need so many dresses anymore, I have clear ideas what I want to see on myself, how I want to look like and what I want to try in lolita fashion.
Okay, that’s enough chit-chat for today, let’s see what’s on my list!

  1. Melty Royal Chocolate Low waist Jsk in Mocha (my love choco dress of all)
  2. Melty Royal Chocolate Jsk in Mocha or in Brown
  3. Fancy Paper Doll jsk in Sax or in Black
  4. Day Dream Carnival in Ivory or in Purple
  5. Dream Fantasy in Pink

There is one more dress which I like, it’s the new donut series of Angelic Pretty, Baked Sweets Parade, but I’m not sure if I will like it or not.
The last item, DDC is way too pricey for me, but maybe some day I will be able to wear it. It just look so lovely on everyone! ^^
As usual, I don’t follow strict my lolita lists, if something comes up with a good price and I like it, I will buy it, hehe 😀
Other dresses I like