2017 winter Wonder Festival

2017 is already here, but you know what’s already here? February! Aaaand Japan’s biggest figure festival, the WonFes. No, I won’t make a full list what was just released, you can go and check them here & here.
I am making a list, which figures was the ones I really loved and appreciated and I want to order (but I’m not sure wheather I will or not)

  1. Emilia
    My first and favourite figure, from Re:Zero, I was waiting and she is here and smiling like an angel! I’m curious what kind of faceplates she’ll get, I hope there will be a cute Puck too, accessoires are important!


2. Mercy – Overwatch
I am playing, I am support, I am Mercy. (sometimes dva, ana, okaaay). I am really happy that they release these figures, there also will be Mei nendo and Genji figma too. Tracer nendo is already out and ready to preorder!

3. Rem & Ram
Before wonfes we got the pictures of Rem, now they released the prototype of Ram too. They are so incredibly cute but psycho too, I want to preorder Rem first, she has nice accessoires and hair and face(with blood) too. I wonder what kind of stuff will get Ram.


4. Gwendolyn – Odin Sphere
After the game rerelease, it is understandable. The game is awesome, the design is brilliant!

5. Rin & Hanayo
They are truly beautiful! I’m happy that they got a pair figure in scale, they deserved it! The more I look at them, the more I want them! *^*

6. Asuna
Ordinal Scale movie is around the corner. This base is just simply wow. The dress isn’t as unique as the first one, but the pose, the dynamic, the base… I hope the colors will add more on the top of it!tumblr_olllmmfqpt1qzdctco1_1280

7. Saber Lily – F/GO ver.
Fate/Grand Order is quite famous, there are a tons of figures out there from the game. My precious is Saber Lily, she is my favourite version beside the original blue Artoria version. This new figure company named Licorne made it, it’s their first figure ever, hope that everything will look great and the price won’t go up into the heaven.tumblr_ollvuo2opu1qzdctco1_1280

What do you think? Who was your favourite release in this festival? Tell me in comment if you want! ^^