2017 winter Wonder Festival

2017 is already here, but you know what’s already here? February! Aaaand Japan’s biggest figure festival, the WonFes. No, I won’t make a full list what was just released, you can go and check them here & here.
I am making a list, which figures was the ones I really loved and appreciated and I want to order (but I’m not sure wheather I will or not)

  1. Emilia
    My first and favourite figure, from Re:Zero, I was waiting and she is here and smiling like an angel! I’m curious what kind of faceplates she’ll get, I hope there will be a cute Puck too, accessoires are important!


2. Mercy – Overwatch
I am playing, I am support, I am Mercy. (sometimes dva, ana, okaaay). I am really happy that they release these figures, there also will be Mei nendo and Genji figma too. Tracer nendo is already out and ready to preorder!

3. Rem & Ram
Before wonfes we got the pictures of Rem, now they released the prototype of Ram too. They are so incredibly cute but psycho too, I want to preorder Rem first, she has nice accessoires and hair and face(with blood) too. I wonder what kind of stuff will get Ram.


4. Gwendolyn – Odin Sphere
After the game rerelease, it is understandable. The game is awesome, the design is brilliant!

5. Rin & Hanayo
They are truly beautiful! I’m happy that they got a pair figure in scale, they deserved it! The more I look at them, the more I want them! *^*

6. Asuna
Ordinal Scale movie is around the corner. This base is just simply wow. The dress isn’t as unique as the first one, but the pose, the dynamic, the base… I hope the colors will add more on the top of it!tumblr_olllmmfqpt1qzdctco1_1280

7. Saber Lily – F/GO ver.
Fate/Grand Order is quite famous, there are a tons of figures out there from the game. My precious is Saber Lily, she is my favourite version beside the original blue Artoria version. This new figure company named Licorne made it, it’s their first figure ever, hope that everything will look great and the price won’t go up into the heaven.tumblr_ollvuo2opu1qzdctco1_1280

What do you think? Who was your favourite release in this festival? Tell me in comment if you want! ^^


2016 Lolita Wishlist

Since last year happened a lot and it’s almost February (we are in the middle, omg time flies fast) I decided to start with a new wishlist, just to update myself and my blog with my ideas. I got the first item from my last year’s wishlist and I also bought some other items which are beautiful and great and of course wasn’t on my list, but I don’t mind. Actually I’m planning some photoshoots and after them I will sell some of them (maybe most of them) because being a lonely and only lolita in Hungary is quite boring. It doesn’t mean that I will quit. My heart is always a frilly princess, I won’t give up, but I don’t need such a big wardrobe anymore.

After I realized that I have too many classic pieces in my wardrobe I want to buy this year some cute dresses and not buying more classic items anymore, however I really love Krad Lanrete’s Constellation jsk and gothic pieces too. I don’t have enough blouses for them to coordinate with, I need a new brown wig (and pastels maybe), a new petticoat, sooo I really need to sell what I don’t use anymore and buy some essential items. The hardest part is, that I love the 3 main style (classic, sweet, gothic) and it depends on my mood which one I want to wear.

One thing is clear to me: I don’t need so many dresses anymore, I have clear ideas what I want to see on myself, how I want to look like and what I want to try in lolita fashion.
Okay, that’s enough chit-chat for today, let’s see what’s on my list!

  1. Melty Royal Chocolate Low waist Jsk in Mocha (my love choco dress of all)
  2. Melty Royal Chocolate Jsk in Mocha or in Brown
  3. Fancy Paper Doll jsk in Sax or in Black
  4. Day Dream Carnival in Ivory or in Purple
  5. Dream Fantasy in Pink

There is one more dress which I like, it’s the new donut series of Angelic Pretty, Baked Sweets Parade, but I’m not sure if I will like it or not.
The last item, DDC is way too pricey for me, but maybe some day I will be able to wear it. It just look so lovely on everyone! ^^
As usual, I don’t follow strict my lolita lists, if something comes up with a good price and I like it, I will buy it, hehe 😀
Other dresses I like


Cute nail trends for spring/summer 2015

I was searching for new designs for my nails on the Internet, because I was really bored by the average pink color. Fortunately I found a lot of article and I tought it would be helpful and nice to collect them here.

This year’s spring and summer is all about pastel colours again. So don’t hesitate to make your pretty hand or feet into an ice cream or a flower bouquet. You can use all the colors you love: there isn’t any rules.
Primarily I searched designs which are good to lolita fashion, cultparty kei, fairy kei and other cute styles from the kawaii subculture. It doesn’t matter that you are lazy or you love to make tiny flower pattern, you definitely will find your favourite one!
Which one is your favourite? Have you your own style? Show us and help others to try it!

delicate-nail-art-2  SILVER-AND-GREY-NAILSOPI_CharlotteRonson_SS15_300dpi-1

nail_3_040 nail_0523_d05 nail0513_item_05nail_0526_d07 nail_0527_d0 nail_0527_d12 nail0509_item_05

– fudge.jp
– sonailicious.com
– OPI trend
– google helped me

January lolita outfit

I only have this picture for the January month because the weather was nice, but really really cold and windy and on every picture my face is bad. I laughed a lot at myself because I look like a crybaby-shivering girl combo. Funny. At least you can see a little bit my outfit. I wanted chocolate themed outfit so I wore pink and brown together. I loved it, however this skirt really doesn’t suit for me, so if you are interested, it’s for sale (150$).



Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Skirt: Angelic Pretty Royal Chocolate
Cardigan: Offbrand
Socks: Offbrand
Accessoires: Offbrand, claires
Shoes: Secret shop tea party

Lolita Wishlist 2015

I haven’t forget my blog, but my life is a chaos now and I don’t have time to write posts and upload all the pictures I have. I’m taking pictures of my lolita coords in every month and I can’t wait to get all those super lovely photos and put some of them here. I have still a lot of things in my mind like the new entries, I definitely want to make a wardrobe post since I have a little collection and I want to write about my figures, artbooks and so….

But now, I just post my wishlist. I like lolita fashion 4-5 years now and never had so many dresses before but now, I’m happy and I don’t have such a big list as well. (happily ^^) The things isn’t in order of importance!
To be honest, I’m not sure in every piece. I really want (actually hunting) the lost in sea dress, and wonder party. Now I have a royal chocolate skirt, but I want to sell it and buy another chocolate item, hope I can get one soon! This list don’t contains the shoes, hehe^^

krad_lanrete_auralia-lost_in_sea_jsk_1Krad Lanrete – Lost in sea jsk/opmrcAP – Melty Royal Chocolate jskPetitPatisserieTieredJSK-mintPetitPatisserieSkirt-ivoryAP – Petit Patisserie Jsk / skirt

mrcskAP – Melty Royal Chocolate skirt     SugarFairyCakeHalterneckJSK-pink_0AP – Sugar Fairy Cake jsk


AP – Toy Fantasy skirt /jsk


AP – Fancy Paper Dolls jsk

New Year, new resolves, new design

tea2I’m not really a good writer and I don’t have routine also, but won’t give up and tadaaa~ Here’s 2015! A lot of things happened me in the last year, I finished the first year at the university, I visited England, London, my summer was incredible, I was at Lake Balaton and in Vienna, me and my friends made a lot of things, I was able to eat a lot. Recently Budapest is evolving and we have tons of freaking good restaurants and street food places. You can eat whatever you want, Japanese, American, Hungarian, Indian, Turkish…
Of course, there was some negative things in my life, but I think I’m okay for now and I’m headed into new journeys, I have new plans, ideas in my mind. It’s okay to be tired, it’s okay to loose, everybody needs a little rest. That’s how we can continue our life. 🙂 New year, new me. It sounds a bit silly and boring, but I was thinking dark, I used to think to death and, you know, that’s just not me. I’m not that all-black person. I’m enthusiasic and colorful, loud and smiling.

That’s why I’m reorganising my online stuff, my pictures, my facebook, everything. I also wanted to write my new years resolution, let’s go for it:

  • I want to be healty & want to do more sports. I gained weight and I need my slimmer form :3
  • Want to wear lolita fashion at least once in every month & take pictures of it
  • Want to be more successful at uni
  • Want to write an article here, in every month (not just about lolita fashion)
  • I want to get a job which I like and where the mates are kind, nice
  • I want to be more with my friends
  • I want to make high quality cosplays & go to EuroCosplay
  • Want to take a lot of pictures of my cosplays
  • I must clean my computer and organise everything because ‘Downloads’ isn’t the best folder 😀
  • I want to buy a shelf for my figures
  • Sell everything that I don’t need anymore
  • Trying couch surfing
  • Learn new things like how to deal with people, how to become more like an adult and so~
  • Fulfill at least 5 from above!

I don’t know what will bring for me 2015, it’s the future and I’m so excited!
I wish you a Happy New Year and hope all of your dreams will come true!

Sakizo – Romantic Jewels

I was always wondering that in which artbook contains which picture. Because on the Internet are a lot of work from Sakizo, but not every single pages is online, I think. Since my favourite artist is Sakizo, I started to collect some of her artbooks. I was so lucky, my first is Romantic Jewels in purrfect condition, so I can show you what is in there!
There is copyright on her items, so I just searched and pasted all the pictures from google. Pictures are in order!

The cover





1369942532408  13699426793021369942622185 1370035033492 1370035070198 1370035113960 1370035155356 1370035202237 1370035266925