2017 winter Wonder Festival

2017 is already here, but you know what’s already here? February! Aaaand Japan’s biggest figure festival, the WonFes. No, I won’t make a full list what was just released, you can go and check them here & here.
I am making a list, which figures was the ones I really loved and appreciated and I want to order (but I’m not sure wheather I will or not)

  1. Emilia
    My first and favourite figure, from Re:Zero, I was waiting and she is here and smiling like an angel! I’m curious what kind of faceplates she’ll get, I hope there will be a cute Puck too, accessoires are important!


2. Mercy – Overwatch
I am playing, I am support, I am Mercy. (sometimes dva, ana, okaaay). I am really happy that they release these figures, there also will be Mei nendo and Genji figma too. Tracer nendo is already out and ready to preorder!

3. Rem & Ram
Before wonfes we got the pictures of Rem, now they released the prototype of Ram too. They are so incredibly cute but psycho too, I want to preorder Rem first, she has nice accessoires and hair and face(with blood) too. I wonder what kind of stuff will get Ram.


4. Gwendolyn – Odin Sphere
After the game rerelease, it is understandable. The game is awesome, the design is brilliant!

5. Rin & Hanayo
They are truly beautiful! I’m happy that they got a pair figure in scale, they deserved it! The more I look at them, the more I want them! *^*

6. Asuna
Ordinal Scale movie is around the corner. This base is just simply wow. The dress isn’t as unique as the first one, but the pose, the dynamic, the base… I hope the colors will add more on the top of it!tumblr_olllmmfqpt1qzdctco1_1280

7. Saber Lily – F/GO ver.
Fate/Grand Order is quite famous, there are a tons of figures out there from the game. My precious is Saber Lily, she is my favourite version beside the original blue Artoria version. This new figure company named Licorne made it, it’s their first figure ever, hope that everything will look great and the price won’t go up into the heaven.tumblr_ollvuo2opu1qzdctco1_1280

What do you think? Who was your favourite release in this festival? Tell me in comment if you want! ^^


Sakizo – Romantic Jewels

I was always wondering that in which artbook contains which picture. Because on the Internet are a lot of work from Sakizo, but not every single pages is online, I think. Since my favourite artist is Sakizo, I started to collect some of her artbooks. I was so lucky, my first is Romantic Jewels in purrfect condition, so I can show you what is in there!
There is copyright on her items, so I just searched and pasted all the pictures from google. Pictures are in order!

The cover





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Hi there!
This post is for me and maybe for you if you interested in my interest. Since I fell in love with japanese culture and the whole anime-manga world, I like to collect things. I feel happiness when I own cuties like figures, artbooks, mangas, cute stationary and so. Sometimes, because I collect and like so many things, my family don’t know what to buy or make me for christmas, birthday, but it’s so easy I think, I like EVERYTHING! :3

The numbers of this wishlist isn’t in order, just how they come up in my mind. And my lolita fashion wishlist will be in an another post.

1. Homura necklace (starlight deco dream)

2. Sailor Moon brooch necklace (Kumacrafts)
I still couldn’t choose only one. There are 2-3 favourites!


3. Artbooks
Here I have some on my wishlist, but I won’t put on the doujins because I would buy one when I can find which I love.
Lily Hoshino Mawaru Penguindrum artbook


Sakizo Artbooks
I prefer Afternoon Teatime and Ice Cream Show Case, but I also like Romantic Jewels and the dessert ones (Delicious Girl, Girl meets Sweets). I hope I can get one of them soon!

sakizoicecream sakizomeetsweets Sakizouromanticjewels


4. Nemuneko plushie
To have a travel size cat-pillow =^^=


5. Rilakkuma
Now Nonbiri Neko is my favourite collection but the pure Rilakkuma is also purrfect. I would like to have mug, soap bottle, memo pads, stickers, I don’t mind, I’m happy with this bear whatever it is.


I also like Sumikkogurashi (things in the corner) and Hello Kitty and almost all of the Sanrio and San-X characters. Almost. :3


6. Anime figures
Link to my MyFigureCollection list is HERE. There are my wished figures. Maybe it can change, but I would never refuse a Sailor Moon nendoroid or a Puella Magi one.


Hm I think that’s all. These are my big wishes, maybe I will rewrite it later. ~

How to clean figure?

I don’t have proper figure shelf yet. I would like to buy one, but I don’t have room for it and I didn’t find the perfect one yet. My figures are in their boxes or in front of my mangas, on my book shelf. The dust fly all over, I’m sewing, making things, living in the city centre, where are a lot of cars, so I should and I need to clean everything once a week.
I’m quite active on MFC and I follow the picture thread, because I like how other people makes photos of their waifu (figures) ^^ But sometimes I see that they don’t wipe the cutie, and since the camera can make high resolution pictures, I can see every dust and dirt on it. My opinion is, that it’s quite disgusting. On one hand, I’m not curious others dirt. On the other hand this mess pictures up.

So, here’s my tutorial-like thing, to encourage collectors cleaning and not scaring. I know what it means when your expensive and favourite figure break or lost some part of it.

First of all, try to take apart. If is a one piece pvc figure, then obviously you can’t, but be careful with the protruding, small parts.
Put the plug into the sink and fill it with water. You can add some soap, but water is enough also.


Wash it with your hand. Water will do the cleaning. If you have bigger dirt on it, try to use soft bristled nail brush, but only on bigger part and use it softly.

IMG_20140901_111544You can see on the black hat the dust. I really dont like when my Princess looks like so.

IMG_20140901_104345Last: don’t forget to wipe it with towels! Because of scale there can remain waterdrops!

Niconico nekomura jack cats replica review

Since I have chinese phone, it’s not so easy to find (impossible, there are only 2 designs and 4 colors) cases, so I just ordered jack cats for it to make it cute. I There are a lot of on the Internet, Rilakkuma, every sanrio and san-x character, other cuties, but I just wanted these cats, because they are cute and smiles. I always buy myself happy things, so whenever you are sad, you look around, look at your phone and it helps you to get through the problems.
I searched a lot after a good replica review, but I couln’t find it, so here is mine! :3

Here are the original Niconico Nekomura cats. They are from Japan, they are between 500 and 800 yen / piece.

nekomura1 nekomura2
The company making new ones with moustache, samurai version, with yarn skein, but this 6 are the originals. (Pictures are from google) You can buy original ones from strapya-world for example, or from amazon.

And these are my photos, taken with my old camera. You can buy it from HERE.
First of all: it was very cheap. Gift for your friends, changing every day, having matching cats which you don’t mind to use. I definitely would recommend! BUT: the quality, as always, isn’t as good as the originals.


The packages.


This duo jack-cat is my favourite one, I use them for 2-3 weeks. They face isn’t precise, but good enough.



This is the alone version of the previous. It is perfect, got nothing problem with.


Sitting cat just can’t sit right on your phone. Otherwise cute. :3


First I thought it’s a mistake that it hasn’t eyes, but after I searched for the originals, I saw that no. It is just a blind or sleepy cat. But the jack felt out and this cat also can’t lie down. Poor cat, so disabled. :c But has cuuuuuuute, way too cute paws.



The levitating cat. A bit funny. ^^ (i think annoying…)


My other favourite cat because she’s puffy chubby and stares you with it’s big black eyes. Also, the painting is poor and not precise.


Positives: Cats are cute, cheap, arrives fast, fits in every phone which has jack, you won’t mind if you accidentally lost it.
Negatives: Not always accurate, poor quality, not pointy painting, not perfectly sits/lies.