First post ever.

Hi. It’s my not so secret blog about my hobbies and a little bit myself. I had some blogs before, but I wanted to make a brand new one, like this, where I can write about all my hobbies I have in my little life. Originally I’m hungarian, but I always wanted to blog in english, soooo… here I am.

I’m interested in japanese culture, especially in anime and manga and a little bit in street fashion. I’m collecting mangas, figures, artbooks, hm, maybe everything, some merchandise and I have few clothes also. Maybe my writing won’t be interesting enough for you, but it’s just one of my place on the internet where I can express myself.

I like to cosplay, here‘s my page, you can check it, if you want. I also have MFC profile, here. I also have a lot of others, but those aren’t important. Well… let’s start it! :3