Lolita Wishlist 2015

I haven’t forget my blog, but my life is a chaos now and I don’t have time to write posts and upload all the pictures I have. I’m taking pictures of my lolita coords in every month and I can’t wait to get all those super lovely photos and put some of them here. I have still a lot of things in my mind like the new entries, I definitely want to make a wardrobe post since I have a little collection and I want to write about my figures, artbooks and so….

But now, I just post my wishlist. I like lolita fashion 4-5 years now and never had so many dresses before but now, I’m happy and I don’t have such a big list as well. (happily ^^) The things isn’t in order of importance!
To be honest, I’m not sure in every piece. I really want (actually hunting) the lost in sea dress, and wonder party. Now I have a royal chocolate skirt, but I want to sell it and buy another chocolate item, hope I can get one soon! This list don’t contains the shoes, hehe^^

krad_lanrete_auralia-lost_in_sea_jsk_1Krad Lanrete – Lost in sea jsk/opmrcAP – Melty Royal Chocolate jskPetitPatisserieTieredJSK-mintPetitPatisserieSkirt-ivoryAP – Petit Patisserie Jsk / skirt

mrcskAP – Melty Royal Chocolate skirt     SugarFairyCakeHalterneckJSK-pink_0AP – Sugar Fairy Cake jsk


AP – Toy Fantasy skirt /jsk


AP – Fancy Paper Dolls jsk


Reunion of the cuties~

My friend, who lives in England came home to visit us. Altough I have a lot of exams, I wanted to do a lot of things with her, because we haven’t met since June 2013. This is our “cuteness overload” action in Budapest. For the first time we met in a lolita meeting and we’re wearing lolita for 4 years, but this fashion isn’t so much fun alone, sooooo finally we could do it together. I was a simply classic lolita, she was a cutie-bomb. 😀

ImageWe went to eat some donuts. In Budapest there’s a good place to eat delicious donuts in a lot of different flavors. They are also beautiful, if you are around, definitely look into them. It’s ‘Donut Library‘. You can read hungarian or english books there, the new Vogue, place is lavender and calm, music is just relaxing and everybody is kind.

After it we went to a beautiful garden, near the Donut Library where we took some pictures. It was really fun ^^

We celebrate our birthday before, and I gave her some old, really old X-MEN comics. She wanted to buy more, so we went to my favourite second-hand book shop. It was a successful shopping, she found 4 of them, and I found the first volume of the original alien book, and also the third volme of the Hunger Games trilogy. You know, I love second-hand bookshops much better than other bookstores, because there are that smell and everything is old and has a story. You can buy books cheaper, after you read it, you can bring it back and buy a new one. Maybe, it’s a bit more expensive than a library, but you have as much time there to read it, as you want, if you liked the book, you can keep it and I prefer it more.

At the end of the day, we just sat down on the steps of the museum and talked a lot. It was a great day for me, I was really tired at the end.


headbow: Claire’s
wig: L-Email
blouse: atmosphere
skirt: Bodyline
shoes: Tamaris

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageMy friend. How cute she, isn’t? ^^