Lolita Wishlist 2015

I haven’t forget my blog, but my life is a chaos now and I don’t have time to write posts and upload all the pictures I have. I’m taking pictures of my lolita coords in every month and I can’t wait to get all those super lovely photos and put some of them here. I have still a lot of things in my mind like the new entries, I definitely want to make a wardrobe post since I have a little collection and I want to write about my figures, artbooks and so….

But now, I just post my wishlist. I like lolita fashion 4-5 years now and never had so many dresses before but now, I’m happy and I don’t have such a big list as well. (happily ^^) The things isn’t in order of importance!
To be honest, I’m not sure in every piece. I really want (actually hunting) the lost in sea dress, and wonder party. Now I have a royal chocolate skirt, but I want to sell it and buy another chocolate item, hope I can get one soon! This list don’t contains the shoes, hehe^^

krad_lanrete_auralia-lost_in_sea_jsk_1Krad Lanrete – Lost in sea jsk/opmrcAP – Melty Royal Chocolate jskPetitPatisserieTieredJSK-mintPetitPatisserieSkirt-ivoryAP – Petit Patisserie Jsk / skirt

mrcskAP – Melty Royal Chocolate skirt     SugarFairyCakeHalterneckJSK-pink_0AP – Sugar Fairy Cake jsk


AP – Toy Fantasy skirt /jsk


AP – Fancy Paper Dolls jsk